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July 31, 2020 - Visiting View Guest Column by Clarence J. Fluker

She had been violated. The police were pushing her into their vehicle to take her away. She turned to the onlookers and yelled to them, “Why don’t you guys do something?”. And hundreds of them did do something. They fought back. For several nights, using their voices, their bodies, and bricks, a community made Greenwich Village their battleground for the uprising we know today as the Stonewall Rebellion.

Clarence J. Fluker: Dear President Trump

You will hear us. You will hear the voices of millions of Americans who oppose your narrow worldview, shallow rhetoric and proposed policies that benefit those who have the most, while hurting the most vulnerable. Our voices will not be made silent. We stand in truth. We stand on the right side of history.
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Gentrification in D.C.: How will we remember those displaced?

This Columbus Day, I am extra sensitive about the framing of history. As we all know, Christopher Columbus did not “discover” the Americas nor was he the first European to visit the Western Hemisphere. There weremillions of people living freely on the land that he stumbled upon in 1492. Not long ago, a newcomer to the neighborhood complained to me about how slow the community was progressing.
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Applauding President Obama for his announcement on same-sex marriage

Since President Obama took office, he has accomplished a great deal. In my view, the president’s leadership has led to a safer country and a stronger economy. But Wednesday, when President Obama announced that he supported the right of same-sex couples to marry and be treated as equal citizens under the law, he reminded me why I voted for him.
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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. through his memorial, life’s work

As the country celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. King on the federal holiday in his honor, that has become a National Day of Service, ‘a day on not a day off’ I find myself reflecting once again on my visit to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial. I don’t remember a single quote and I faintly remember the size of the monument or the expression on his face.
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30 Americans participate in one extraordinary exhibit

Sinister and sensual, frightening yet full of faith, a feast of the eyes but often hard to digest, 30 Americans, the new exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art that opens October 1st is a breathtaking collection of work. Highlighting the exceptional work of some of the most dynamic and thought provoking African American visual artists in the last three decades 30 Americans provides visitors new and different lenses to view black identity through their art.
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